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In the first iteration of the design of SVT Policy Writer project, the core team developed a process flow diagram detailing the workings of the underwriting process. The team built a high level process flow that showed the overall picture of how business is conducted during the underwriting process; the team then developed more in-depth diagrams detailing how specific areas of the underwriting process functioned.

Based upon these process flow diagrams, the team developed more refined models of how business is conducted at Insurance institutions. It is based upon these later modeling techniques that the majority of the design specifications are derived. However, the process flow portion of the design provided a common base for the team to build the more refined models.

High Level Process Flow

The High Level Process Flow details how the major functions of the business are performed, and in what order. It is not meant to limit the workflow to a specific model, but rather to form a common picture of how the business runs under normal circumstances.
The High Level Process Flow diagram covers the business process from the inception of an opportunity to the issuance and servicing of a policy.

When the proposal has been created to meet the distributors needs, the underwriter reviews the underwriting and the proposal with their underwriting manager. The manager views the analysis and the details of the underwriting and possibly recommends changes to the quotes. If changes have been recommended, the underwriter goes back to Create/Revise Proposal to change the quotes that were generated.
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