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  • Leverage Spring Integration framework, with focus on modularizing data transformation, protocol integration, assembly framework to integrate with business logic, and service framework for client system integration: -

  • Data Transformation: Adapter to support data normalization and data conversion process between different data format. Provide out-of-box support for XML, FIX, name-value pair, fixed-length format, JSON object, CSV, etc.  

  • Protocol Integration: We have support for the following protocols, such as HTTP, FIX, Tibrv, JMS, ActiveMQ, TCP/UDP, mail, including certain exchange protocol such as Bloomberg, Itch, Ouch.     

  • Assembly framework: We provide framework to allow flexibility for choose data transformation, I/O protocol, to be fully integrate with client in-house business logic. Business logic is completed separated from commoditized connectivity and protocol details, yet it's centrally managed by assembly framework to promote reusability.   

  • Service Monitoring Framework to allow client to leverage existing infrastructure to seamlessly integrate with adapters and various protocols, without the need to completely change to a new architecture.      


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