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A solid foundation for delivering flexible, high quality services for Application Software.
In today’s hyper dynamic marketplace real value lies in market trajectory not market position.

We can help you soar ahead of the competition in delivering application performance with a flexible and adaptable architectural framework that scales to meet your IT requirements.

The totality of our expertise and our passion for breakthrough technology would invest your IT infrastructure with the following outstanding characteristics:-

  • Integration of diverse systems, software, data, networks and legacy assets making them accessible via the Web.

  • Deliver high quality connectivity to any customer, business partner, employee or computer anywhere, at any time, on any network device.

  • Provide new capabilities quickly and efficiently without requiring developers to re-code and re-deploy each new service for each hardware platform

  • Promote collaboration among multiple partners in your value chain by promoting common standards and frameworks
Our synergetic alliance with the latest technology together with our years of experience and the capabilities built in the application of IT gives us the confidence to build a flexible, robust, customized IT architecture to exactly meet your specific requirements.
The following architecture services are available:-
  • SVT Architectural Services offers matchless architectural finesse, addressing the entire stack from the platform on up to the application layer. The service consists of technology strategy, assessment and roadmap to build a customized architectural plan that would meet your long-term technology strategy and provide for sustained business growth.

  • SVT’s iWeP Framework helps you to plan, implement and manage a complete custom application platform architecture that lays the proper foundation to manage cost, improve time-to-market and protect past and future investments in IT.
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