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Business Quantitative Analysis

With the merging of communication and information technologies IT usage has become an integral part of any business. This has led to Strategic IT Planning becoming a critical factor for the success of any organization.

Today no organization can function in isolation. Organizations are forced to integrate with other organizations and the world, creating more business opportunities than were possible before the advent of IT and Worldwide Web.

We specialize in the following:

Front office quantitative analyst In trading and sales operations, quantitative analysts work to determine prices, manage risk, and identify profitable opportunities. Historically this was a distinct activity from trading but the boundary between a desk quantitative analyst and a quantitative trader is increasingly blurred, and it is now difficult to enter trading as a profession without at least some quantitative analysis education. In the field of algorithmic trading it has reached the point where there is little meaningful difference. Front office work favours a higher speed to quality ratio, with a greater emphasis on solutions to specific problems than detailed modelling. Our highly skilled analyst are very well versed with IT and specialize in Java Swing technology, Python programming development, C++ programming just to name a few. SVT specializes to meet the expertise needed for front office quantitative analyst. Also, we can provide contractors or full time hires.

Quantitative Investment Management Quantitative analysis is used extensively by asset managers. Some, such as AQR or Barclays, rely almost exclusively on quantitative strategies while others, such as Pimco, Blackrock or Citadel use a mix of quantitative and fundamental methods. Virtually all large asset managers and hedge funds rely to some degree on quantitative methods. SVT experts are well versed in all quantitative methods.

Library quantitative analysis Major firms invest large sums in an attempt to produce standard methods of evaluating prices and risk. These differ from front office tools in that Excel is very rare, with most development being in C++, though Java and C# are sometimes used in non-performance critical tasks. LQs spend more time modelling ensuring the analytics are both efficient and correct, though there is tension between LQs and FOQs on the validity of their results. LQs are required to understand techniques such as Monte Carlo methods and finite difference methods, as well as the nature of the products being modelled. We have a great team of LQs available for contract assignments or full time hires.

Algorithmic trading quantitative analyst Often the highest paid paid form of Quant, ATQs make use of methods taken from signal processing, game theory, gambling Kelly criterion, market microstructure, econometrics, and time series analysis. Algorithmic trading includes statistical arbitrage, but includes techniques largely based upon speed of response, to the extent that some ATQs modify hardware and Linux kernels to achieve ultra low latency. We specialize in provididng ATQs for contract or full time assignments.

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