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Most organizations are constantly contending with changes to their competitive environment, business goals, organization structures, and technology strategies. Some of the prime instigators of change include merger and acquisition activity, sales patterns, new product competition, deregulation or re-regulation, changes in staffing priorities, and other factors.

In many cases, organizations respond to change through outsourcing. However, outsourcing is more than a tactical response to improve cost structures. It is a strategic issue that impacts the direction of the business, its ability to respond to changes in the competitive or regulatory environment, and to the shape of the internal organization structures and business processes themselves.

Outsourcing will transform the IT organization as well, changing the roles and responsibilities of technology professionals, and the relationships that they maintain with the rest of the business.

SVT’s Change Management Program capitalizes on our long experience in managing complex projects that involve significant organizational and technology change. Our proactive approach employs a structured methodology that helps organizations master the change process and benefit from it. Involving elements such as risk assessment, program management, contingency planning, training, and communications, SVT’s Change Management Program can help organization understand the short- and long-term impacts of change, acclimate your staff, and realize the benefits of outsourcing more rapidly.

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