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Remote Management and Security

Our team of Remote Management Experts can monitor your infrastructure on a 24 X 7X 365 basis and provide your firm with the peace of mind that things are operational even when the rest of the organization is gone for the day.

SVT devised three key processes to manage online risk. They are:
(a) Detect
(b) Respond
(c) Prevent.

In addition we can offer organizations a comprehensive Security Plan built on the following premise:

  • Confidentiality – The capability of an information system to protect Data from access by unauthorized persons or their agents.

  • Availability - The capability of an IS to keep its resources and data available to its users despite disruptive events or conditions.

  • Integrity - The capability of an IS to provide its services and processes in a manner that would not permit it to be altered (changed, corrupted, moved or destroyed) except as intended by authorized users.

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