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Application Management

All projects adhere to SVT’s Quality Management System (QMS). In situations where the customer’s procedures are required to be followed, the organizations process is tailored to evolve project-specific processes that conform to the mandatory practices and information capture requirements of QMS.

The project execution methodology will be documented in the Project Management Plan. A copy of this plan is sent to the customer as a contractual deliverable, if requested. The customer is however, always informed about the planned effort, schedule, cost deliverables and payment milestones based on the original plan and any subsequent revision. The contracts for projects vary from time and material or fixed price or multiple fixed-price basis. The reporting and review procedures on projects are based on guidelines for project

tracking as given in the Project Management Process Overview document in the QMS. The actual effort will be captured on-line for time and material contracts using customer’s templates wherever applicable.

The project file shall be used as an important monitoring tool for all projects to be executed by SVT. The Project Manager will open the project file before the project execution phase begins.

Project Management Plan

After the User Requirements stage, the project plans will be reviewed by the Project Manager to incorporate suggestions or revisions. If any of the plans revised, they will be sent to the customer for his comments, and if necessary, his approval. This ensures that all changes to the plans will be managed by assessing their impact on schedules, resources and budgets. This is in the best interest of good communication, to ensure that there are no surprises as a result of drifting requirements.

During each project review, all project plans will be re-evaluated to see if they need any modifications or updates. Necessary modifications will be made and update will be made and sent to the customer for his comments/approval. SVT’s project Manager will provide the latest copy of each plan to the customer’s project representative whenever there is a baseline version.

Project Management

The following are the various tools and methods used for managing the project.

  • Controls, Monitoring and Measurement
  • Project Reviews
  • Technical Reviews
  • Change Management
  • Problem Management
  • Configuration Management

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