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Imaging and Document Management

With the increasing acceptance of imaging technology, the demands of the market place have become increasingly sophisticated. Our efforts are based on a holistic implementation of imaging technology, which includes document management, workflow tracking, and recognition-based data entry/processing in organizations. Backfile conversions have become increasingly important to generate a viable starting condition for this whole process. For this we have assembled a specialized team of conversion engineers to facilitate the process in a reliable, time-bound and cost-effective manner.

The principal benefits of imaging technology are:

  • Saving of storage costs. - Even if documents cannot be destroyed, they can be stored in a relatively inexpensive warehouse.

  • Improved organizational efficiency. - Users of information get more time to act on the information stored in documents than chasing paper documents.

  • Workflow management results in proactive management rather than a reactive condition

Reduction in photocopying costs.
Sharing of documents over a LAN/WAN by multiple users.
Improved security of documents

Preservation of documents. Old documents are not only preserved but can be digitally enhanced.
Reduced communication costs.
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